Thursday, September 3, 2009

Take a Kid Fishing

Just a quick note.  As one digs deeper and deeper into the obsession of flyfishing, sometimes it is refreshing to take your self back to the roots of the craft.  

I took my my two youngest kids Noah and Gracee and our neighbor boy to a local pond the other night.  Gracee and Noah have both caught fish before but the neighbor boy had never even been fishing.  This was exciting to me and it was neat to see Noah step back and unselfishly "guide" his new friend into his first fish.

It was a refreshing experience to watch the innocence of young children fishing.  The neighbor boy landed his first fish, a sucker.  It was awesome to see the excitement over what most of us consider a blight to the fishing world.  The boy kept the fish and took it home to ask his folks about mounting the "beauty."  

This is what it is all about, finding joy in the most basic components of this sport.  If your feel you are ever losing touch with this just take a kid fishing.

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